It faces west,  and round the back and sides

High beeches, bending, hang a veil of boughs,

And sweep against the roof. Wild honeysucks

Climb on the walls, and seem to sprout a wish

(If we may fancy wish of trees and plants)

To overtop the apple-trees hard by.


Red roses, lilacs, variegated box

Are there in plenty, and such hardy flowers

As flourish best untrained. Adjoining these

Are herbs and esculents; and farther still

A field; then cottages with trees, and last

The distant hills and sky.

Thomas Hardy


21 thoughts on “About

  1. Karen —
    My thanks to you for visiting my blog and for giving me the opportunity to see yours. I have walked around in it a bit and found myself the better for it. The photographs are wonderful, and those lines from Thomas Hardy are exactly what I needed this morning.

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  2. I’m delighted to have discovered your blog through your having visited a page of mine – wonderful photos. I may have missed something, but is it possible to be notified of new posts via email? I can’t see to find that option, and I’m hopeless at keeping up via the WP reader

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ah, thank you Susan. That’s so kind of you to say so. I just use a camera phone to be honest. I’ve always got it in my pocket in case the children ring and need me- so I’ve always got it to hand when I see something of interest in the gardening world. If I had a fancy camera, I am sure it would always be at home when I needed it. All the best- Karen 🙂


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