Wordless Wednesday 

Fluffiest bee award in my garden goes to this tiny Common Carder bumble bee. Even the small cosmos flowers- the last of the season- are sought after. Flowers open smaller as the season winds down. And the bees should surely hibernate soon.

Cosmos Antiquity seed- sown in February this year. Still in flower October 19. 


16 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday 

    • thank you Kate. Aren’t we lucky still to have good weather. Every sunny day is a bonus. I’m determined to be outdoors as much as possible. Soon enough be huddled round the fire 🙂


    • Thank you Steve. Not yet. It’s just an i-phone. When I’m better, I’m going shopping for a real camera. But for now, I always have the camera phone in my pocket so it’s nice just to snap things when I see them and post them immediately. Haven’t got time to edit or mess about with filters. I’m so enjoying the autumn- having spent the summer tucked up in bed- either hospital or home. The colours are glorious here. x

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  1. I was taking photos last year, up close with the iPhone. I didn’t realize until I stepped back and checked the image that a bee had photobombed the picture, hovering right next to the Turtlehead (flower) that I was capturing. It was pretty cool!

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